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This luxurious facial treatment includes 3 essential key products

1. Botani’s Soothing Facial Mist – 50ml

A natural and alcohol-free toning mist that is suitable for all skin types and ideal for calming sensitive skin. It has a hydrating, toning and revitalising effect on the skin. Helping to stimulate blood circulation and thereby supporting the structure of the natural acid mantle of the skin. It is harmoniously composed of premium organic plant extracts and organic floral water that has a positive effect on the skin’s flora. Beautifully scented with Rosewater and Chamomile, this little gem is easily kept in your handbag to leave you feeling refreshed and soothed throughout the day.

2. Botani’s Olive Skin Serum – 15ml

This multitasking serum contains 99.7 % of the plant active, Olive Squalene.  It’s the most common lipid produced by human skin cells. It makes up approximately 10% of our sebum. And this makes it a perfect match for our skin! In our 20 – 30’s the body’s squalene levels start to decline. Applying squalene to the skin will help maintain skin health without the greasiness because it mimics our bodies natural moisturiser and is quickly absorbed. On the skin’s surface, it protects from moisture loss and environmental toxins by acting as a barrier.

3. Botani’s Healing Lip Balm – 10g

Botani takes lip balm to a new level. This is not just your everyday lip balm! Contains high quality organic plant oils, such as olive butter, olive wax, olive squalane, evening primrose oil, healing calendula oil and an exquisite vanilla aroma. Petrochemical free, no animal ingredients and vegan certified. This delicious lip balm leaves your lips silky and soft with a sensuous gloss

  • Vegan