Nurture Your Ongoing Well-being

Progress Review

Progress review consultations are designed to offer continuous support and refine your wellness path. These 30-minute sessions are essential for sustaining progress and addressing any new health concerns that may arise.  If it's been a year since your last appointment at Sabia Wellness, you'll need to schedule an initial consultation.

What to expect:

  • Progress Evaluation: We'll review the advancements you've made since your previous visit. This is a chance to celebrate achievements, discuss any obstacles, and adapt our approach to fit your evolving health journey.

  • Detailed Exploration: We'll delve deeper into your current health concerns, examining how lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, and herbal remedies have impacted your well-being. This in-depth analysis allows us to refine our strategies and tailor your ongoing plan to your unique needs.

  • Continued Support: Your progress review is an opportunity to receive ongoing guidance and support. We're here to provide insights, answer your questions, and adjust your plan to align with your current health goals, whether you're facing challenges or aiming to further optimize your well-being.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Within 2-5 business days, you'll receive an updated treatment plan specifically designed for your evolving needs. This may include adjustments to herbal remedies, refined dietary recommendations, and extra lifestyle guidance to keep you on track toward optimal health.
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