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The OSCAR - Pure Essential Oil Nebulising Diffuser with Multi Colour Light With our continual focus being on outstanding quality, aesthetics & eco conscious design, we always aim to provide you with something beautifully unique. 

The unit is composed of natural, real wood and individually hand blown glassware.  It also features a multi-coloured light function. Recommended for any space up to 40 square metres.
  • Uses only pure essential oil.
  • No water to dilute the scent.
  • No heat to change the therapeutic properties of your oils.
  • No plastic


100% soft pine wood painted with water based lacquer, with individually hand-blown glass reservoir.

Dimension: 115mm (D) X 170mm (H)

 Direction of Use 

Add 10-30 drops of your favourite essential oils into the diffusing piece, taking care not to overfill beyond the air nozzle in the base of glass reservoir. 

Diffusion Cycle: 5 minutes on then 3 minutes off continuing for 3 hours then off.

Turn Switch control:

Turn the knob clockwise to switch on (click sound)
Turn the knob to adjust the volume of air
When it is on, the light will be on and rotate through 7 colours

You may continue to add other blends or essential oils to the unit without cleaning. Alternatively, gently clean or wipe glass reservoir with ethanol or ethyl alcohol between use of different essential oils. Occasionally wash glassware with luke warm soapy water and rinse for a thorough clean particularly after using oils heavier, coloured oils.  ie: patchouli, vetiver, some citrus etc